Giving Back

Giving back to food-focused organizations isn’t just important to us.  It’s important to the purity of our food supply, the health of kids like us, and ultimately, to end adult and child hunger [hopefully, for good].

Here are some of our favorite local charities.  And they’re working really hard to do tons of good in our city, and the world.

No Kid Hungry

No Kid Hungry allows you to connect with a child and help them get the food they deserve, but cannot afford. You can donate to No Kid Hungry and help their dream come true that no kid, buy the end of 2015, will be starving anymore.

Inspiration Cafe:
Inspiration Cafe gives healthful meals to men, women, and children who are living in the city of Chicago. The food at Inspiration Cafe is even cooked by those people in need of, or who have lost their jobs.

Greater Chicago Food Depository:  
Greater Chicago Food Depository works to fight hunger in the community that it is in through donations and meals. They are a nonprofit food distributing center that has been around for many years, ending hunger one meal at a time.