Fish Bar, Chicago IL [Lily]

Fish Bar is is small yet extremely lively restaurant right next to DMK. This restaurant was great for pescatarians like Lily, because their menu was made up of delicious fish items in many different forms. The desert was fun and creative: we were given our own personal mini fire along with all the materials to make ourselves delicious s’mores! The wait staff was so friendly and personable. Special thanks to our waitress Kate, who brought us many complementary dishes for us to enjoy!


MK, Chicago IL [Lily]

In this video, we visited the restaurant called MK for a family night dinner. They offer this every Sunday. It is a great opportunity for your family to bond, while sharing and enjoying amazing food. MK has a pre selected menu for family night, but if you do not like one of their selections, you can order something you do like à la carte. The waiters are very friendly and personable and happy. Everyone is talkative and very kind, and the service is very fast.

Ada, Chicago IL [Ram & Lily]

Ada is a beautiful restaurant tucked away in the back nooks of Chicago. You would think  no one knows it exist because of how hidden it is, but when we arrived on a warm summer evening, it was totally alive with people. We were seated outside on their back patio, which is covered with astroturf. Our enthusiastic and happy waitress was keen on telling us all about their menu, which is full of fresh, delicious food. Everything both of us ate tasted so full of life and flavor that we couldn’t get enough. Ram had to order their delicious dessert of pretzel bread pudding with maple whipped cream. It was “heavenly!”


Little Goat, Chicago IL [By Tag]

The best burger Ram and Tag have ever eaten is at the restaurant Little Goat. This burger is called the Goat Almighty. It is stacked with so many delicious things: there are three different types of meat, and countless other amazing toppings. The food at Little Goat is fresh, and the restaurant has a very lively atmosphere. Their menu was so full, and there were so many different delicious looking dishes to choose from, that we had the biggest meal we had ever eaten during a review. Thank you to our wait staff, the chefs, and the brains behind the best burger ever!



Tag and Ram visited Hot Dougs, a hot dog restaurant in their homeland of Chicago, Illinois.

Each and every hot dog was extraordinarily delicious. There so no competition with any other hot dog, because of their unique creativity and excellent ingredients. Even the fries were totally amazing. They had wonderful melted cheese poured all over them, making them basically perfect.



For this food review, Ram visits ING, the home of the Miracle Berry!  This is a crazy magical berry that has a special secret that tricks your tastebuds into thinking that sour is sweet!!!

Besides having this secret berry, this restaurant had some very nice flavorful foods. They were very creative in their ways of presenting and preparing the foods. For example, they created a snow cone that looked like it had hit the ground, and a disassembled falafel.

Overall this eating experience was an extraordinary one of a kind.