Tag and Ram visited Hot Dougs, a hot dog restaurant in their homeland of Chicago, Illinois.

Each and every hot dog was extraordinarily delicious. There so no competition with any other hot dog, because of their unique creativity and excellent ingredients. Even the fries were totally amazing. They had wonderful melted cheese poured all over them, making them basically perfect.



For this review Ram traveled to New Haven, Connecticut to eat at a restaurant called Roia.

This restaurant has taken food to the next level. The creators striped the restaurant to get to the original, 100 year old walls, floor, and celling. Their genre of cuisine is a mixture of French and italian with Executive Chef and owner Avi Szapiro’s twist.

The food was executed flawlessly and the two times Ram has been there, the food has been impeccable. The service was extraordinary. The servers are kind and helpful, and most of them do not use a notepad so that they can be more attentive to you as a customer. It is a very welcoming atmosphere.

And thanks to Meera, Avi, the General Manager Justin, and all of the wait staff, we had a very lovely time.