Happy Kids Eat exists to influence kids to try new exciting foods! We are here to share our opinions about the restaurants we visit around the world and talk about the restaurants we think are good for kids!

Our Motto:  Happy Food, Happy Kids!


Now, about the Food Reviewers…

Is a creative young man from the city of Chicago who enjoys filming and also being on the other side of the camera reviewing creative and innovative foods. He likes to DJ and practice photography. If he could be any food, he would be a taco or a burger. He would absolutely not be fois gras.

Is the reason there are so many bloopers during reviewing. She tries to make every situation fun, even if it involves wasting a little film. She aspires to become an actress, but if she had to aspire to be a food, she would be tuna tartar. She would absolutely not be arugula.

Is a food lover from the city of Chicago who enjoys trying and critiquing both new and familiar foods. One of his favorite restaurants so far has been Hot Dugs, an excellent Chicago based restaurant. If he had the choice of being any food in the world, he would choose to be a burger. He would absolutely not be spinach.